To My Dear Students (1), 

Nothing is more precious than self-confidence. To lose it is to lose everything !!

Please, have a strong belief that you can do everything for yourself !! Also, be full of the go-ahead spirit and do more than you are bound to do.


To My Dear Students (2),

Spring is a season that approaches slowly with timid steps, although on occasion it dances forward joyously for one day only to retire again the next. There are bright, warm, sunny days in the depth of winter when Nature seems to awake from her sleep, and only the chill in the shadow and the bare branches remind us that the time of spring is still a long way off. However, Spring cann't be far behind now !!


To My Dear Students (3),

Poetry, Dreams and Science !!

Some people say science deprives human of his or her dreams and poetry, but we may also say it is poetry and dreams that have developed science. Thus, we are supposed to love poetry and dreams for the development of science. However, it is a great pity that the progress of science is not always bound up with the happiness of mankind, but that the contrary is the often the case!!

My dear students, please! have a deep affection for poetry and dreams anyhow !!


To My Dear Students (4),

Teacher & Student

The best teacher in the best school in the world cannot give a student an education. He or she can lead the way to the mine from which it can be dug, provide the student with the proper tools, and show the student how to use them. The teacher can encourge the student when disheartened, and spur him or her to more vigorous effort, but the student will own only so much of the precious metal as he or she digs for himself or herself. My dear students! Please, do it yourself! do it right now! do your best!


To My Dear Students (5),

Body & mind

Your mind, like your body, is a thing whereof the powers are developed by effort. That is a principal use of hard work in studies. Unless you train your body you cannot be a healthy person about your personal life, and unless you train your mind you cannot be much of a healthy intellectual. A good part of what you learn by hard study may not be permanently retained, may not seem to be of much final value, but your mind is a better and more powerful instrument because you have learned it. Knowledge is power, but still more the faculty of acquiring and using knowledge is power. My dear students, remember! "a sound mind in a sound body" !! Also, keep in your mind "a sound body in a sound mind !!


To My Dear Students (6),

Don't lose your taste for life even in your darkest moments. For you, life is always a wonder and delight and the world a place of beauty. Rejoice to be alive in this world !!. Dream great dreams and see visions of how things might be done to set right old wrongs !! Try to create something or discover something and so do not see life only in terms of power and money.


To My Dear Students (7),

Winter has gone and spring is here. The snow and ice are no longer to be seen. The mountain and fields are dressed in a fresh robe of green and little birds are twittering joyously among the flowers. Under the circumstances, how happy we are, without a big car, a big house, and big money!! If you were to stop, even five minutes, to graze at the spring coming from the world to be unseen, I should think there would be a considerable change to the present and the future of your lives.


To My Dear Students (8),

Life is your dearest possession, and it is given to you to live but once. You must live so as to feel no torturing regrets for years without purpose, so live that dying you can say "all my life and all my strength were given to the finest cause in all the world----the fight for the elimination of human starvation, especially children !!